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Pure Sleep Review

Does It Really Work, Or Is It A Scam?

Does the Pure Sleep stop snoring device as seen on TV really work?

Yes it does...mandibular advancement devices are not new, and have been used effectively to treat snoring for years.

These custom fit mouthpieces gently position the jaw forward while you sleep, opening up the airway thus reducing the soft palette vibrations that cause snoring.

But there are several stop snoring mouthpiece devices on the market that are much less expensive that Pure Sleep.

Someone has to pay for all those expensive TV commercials..... you!

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"My snoring disturbs my wife and daugther--and has apparently only gotten worse as I've gotten older. At this point it's causing enough of a problem that I had to start researching what might be out there to help. I tried a couple of the nose-related things--the strip that goes over and the devices that go in the nose--and that didn't help at all. This was the first mouth-device I tried and it is getting rave reviews from my family."
No health product is perfect and works for everyone, but at less than half the price of Pure Sleep it is worth a try.


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Many people have achieved excellent results using a combination of the Snore-Ex Stop Snoring Mouthpiece  along with an anti-snoring throat spray like Snore Relief

A one - two punch of throat lubrication, plus a gentle jaw shift while you sleep should cure almost anyone's snoring problem.

In fact if this method doesn't work for you, see a doctor. You may have sleep apnea which is a serious medical condition.


Pure Sleep Review - Stop Snoring Products on - Canadian shoppers go to stop snoring products Snore-Ex and Snore Eliminator

So, you can order Pure Sleep by phone, or from their website if you wish, but there are identical products available online that work as good, or better, at a fraction of the cost of Pure Sleep.

I personally recommend you check out the dozens of 4 Star Stop Snoring Products On and read the reviews from real customers yourself before you invest a lot of money in a "As Seen On TV" info-product like PureSleep.